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Intercultural Theatre Alliance

The Intercultural Theatre Alliance (ITA) is a collective of theatre companies with a dedication to training and uplifting marginalized artists to stewart an inclusive, accessible, and diverse theatre community in Tulsa. ITA was spearheaded by telatúlsa with Echo Theatre Company, World Stage Theatre Company, and Tulsa 21: Black Wall Street as founding partners. Together we have a mission of a more equitable theatre community, and ITA is one, proactive solution. 

Throughout the fellowship, artists will be provided with culturally sensitive training, access to multiple hands-on opportunities, one-on-one mentorship, connections to an international pool of professional directors, and resources to other opportunities and fellowships across the country. Our intention is to provide opportunities to learn various styles of directing, develop your artistic voice and vision. All of this is done outside of the scope of European / Colonized theater.


The best part? This fellowship is free to participate.

Additionally, our goal is to engage the larger theatre community of Tulsa through parallel opportunities for theatre leaders to learn about the importance of diversity, how to be equitable, and how to create truly inclusive environments to better Tulsa's theatrical community.

2019/20 fellows

Alyssa Brown

María Carmona

Monte Jones

Janie K Luper

Nick Lutke

Lea McCormick

Nash McQuarters

Jennifer Musick

Jacob W Patterson

Jennifer Lynn Thomas

Applications for the 2020/2021 Fellowship have been suspended due to COVID-19. Check back for updates.

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