Teatro para todos.

Theater for all.

telatúlsa was founded by Shadia Dahlal in 2014 as Tulsa Latino Theater Company (TLTC) where we presented dynamic theatrical works written for Latino peoples. TLTC was the first theater company in the state of Oklahoma that was dedicated solely to Latino stories, and we have extreme pride in our contribution to the theatrical landscape in Oklahoma.


In 2019, Shadia stepped down, and Tara Moses took over as the Artistic Director of telatúlsa. This presented a new opportunity for growth. We create teatro para todos, but there was a large group of artists in Tulsa who were not being represented on Tulsa's stages - Native Americans. Both Latino/a/x and Native peoples share an Indigenous identity to Turtle Island (the americas), and under new leadership we have evolved into who we are today: Oklahoma's first and only theater dedicated to Latino and Native American artists and cultures. 

At Our Core


We love this city.

We want to make evocative performances, events, and experiences 

that reflect, challenge, & make our communities come alive.

Tulsa is where you'll find us, no matter where you're coming from.


Every story we tell, every space we search, every lens we look through,

we make work that explores Latino and Native cultures through performance.

We enrich & educate the lives of Oklahoma citizens, providing arts training & education

to Hispanic and Indigenous students, artists, and audiences.


Our primary means of communication.

Performance, movement, music, dance, dialogue, bodies, action, comedy, drama, and audience. ¡Usamos todo!


Latino, Latina, Latinx. Native American, Native, Indigenous.

We, us, them, -as, -amos, -an.

We never make art alone. We make theater in communities, with allies and partners, and among friends.